Through the development of joint actions, exchange of experience and transfer of best practices, highlighted the potential of networking and collaboration for quality improvement and better operation of SEM in our country, helping to ensure social cohesion and the development of local communities at both national and European level.

  • Developed a strong CONSORTIUM, between representatives SEM and other similar organizations from the member states of the EU, which evolved into a forum for continuous exchange of views, discussion, mutual learning and knowledge transfer.
  • Created ELECTRONIC PLATFORM DIADRASIS in Greek and English, which provides direct access to information and best practices integration successfully applied both in Greece, and in other European countries.
  • Organized 1 Technical Meeting and 3 Workshops in Greece and abroad, mainly related to the coordination of activities, evaluation of integration policies, and management of resources for funding.
  • Chosen a BEST PRACTICE effective integration, concerning actions for children and new mothers, and implemented in 3 Municipalities of Greece (Patras, Pavlos Melas, Saints Anargiron- PhpBB), with a significant presence of the immigrant population.
  • Prepared REPORT FINDINGS, which reflected the concerns, findings and recommendations from the operation of the Network, providing valuable resources to continue the dialogue and develop new initiatives.