Driven by the activation and expansion of the Consortium, Promoters -EP.E.K.S.A., Dimensions and ADEP- organized in June, 2 Workshops - Workshops abroad:

  • Vienna – Austria (10 – 11 June 2014)
  • Barcelona – Spain (23 – 24 June 2014)

The aim of the workshop was the presentation and processing of best practices from Greece and other EU Member States.
Developed a meaningful and fruitful dialogue on, mainly, coordinating the activities, evaluation of integration policies, and management of resources for funding.


"Selection – Presentation of Best Practice "
Apart from the considerable Greek representations, operators who participated in the Technical Meeting in Vienna was, including, the Pedagogical Academy in Austria, Delegation of Basic Rights of the EU. (In / but Vienna), and the Municipal Corporation of the City of Vienna (Interface Wien GmbH), which is dedicated to the social integration of immigrants and support for refugees.
Central to the workshop formed the "Selection and Presentation of Best Practice", however participants approached a number of critical issues, concerning, mainly, innovative projects in the areas of Education, Equality and the Rights of Citizens, and the targets of the Local Action Plans.

Particular, through the Laboratory:

  • It highlighted the role and the important work done by the local government bodies and institutions of civil society.
  • Strengthened the dissemination of best practices for the effective integration of third country nationals.
  • Argued the design and implementation of initiatives at local level relating to education.

The meeting ended with a presentation of the findings and determine next steps.


"Implementation of Local Action Plans: The Case of Barcelona "
The laboratory in Barcelona organized by the institution ACATHI, which constitutes a dynamic platform representing population groups discriminated.
With the participation of key stakeholders and through very targeted interventions, developed a constructive- numerical dialogue between representatives of the City of Barcelona, migrant organizations, and the institution of refugee support (CEAR).

Dialogue, basically, developed around the following issues:

  • Presentation of the activities of the Council for the Integration of Immigrants Barcelona.
  • The role of immigrant organizations in the development and implementation of Local Plans and the Experience of Patras.
  • The integration of migrants in the local context: 2 Experiences.