With great representatives of SEM from Greece and abroad (Ireland, Austria, Spain, Romania) and the positive response of the world, made 2 Workshops to municipalities Saints Anargiron – PhpBB and Patras, developed where issues related to the implementation of integration policies at local level, evaluation of local action plans, identifying and promoting good practice.


In cooperation with the City of Saints Anargiron – PhpBB, held on 27 June 2014, Consultation Workshop – Workshop με θέμα:

"Development of Local Integration Plans: The Greek Experience "

The opening was announced by the Deputy Mayor for Social Policy & Solidarity Saints Anargiron – Mrs.- Matera, Mr.. Nicholas Pantelias.
In the very interesting suggestions, a plurality of key speakers from Greece and abroad, highlighted, inter alia, the following issues:

  • Services & Programs to promote the integration of immigrants in the municipality Saints Anargiron – PhpBB.
  • Experience Good Practice from Austria: of the problem in the design and implementation of intervention.
  • Local Action Plans & Business immigrants.
  • The needs of immigrants and the role of immigrant organizations in the development and implementation of Local Action Plans.

The work of the Workshop was moderated by an expert in AMM- ment Mr.. Harry Grammatikopoulos.


In cooperation with the Municipality of Patras, held on 30 June 2014, Consultation Workshop on:
"Evaluation integration policies & Practices at Local Level "
The Workshop was attended and their contributions worthy guests, including- s Deputy Mayor and Chairman of Patras Patras SEM, Mr.. Maria Andrikopoulou – Rouvalis and Aldermen, Mr.. Andreas Filias and Mr.. Theocharis Massara, while the opening speech by the President of ADEP SA, Mr.. Panagiotis Xypolias.
The Workshop was structured in two modules which were generally related to the implementation Inclusive Political- tion at the local level, and the evaluation of Local Action Plans.
In the very interesting positions and speeches, Participants focused on a number of issues summarizing the following:

  • Immigrant Integration Council Patras: Actions inclusion in practice.
  • Local Action Plans & Business immigrants.
  • The role of immigrant organizations in the development and implementation of Local Plans. ¢ Assessment and recognition of good practice: Methods & Problems.
  • Sport as a tool for integration at local level.
  • Evaluating the effectiveness of Local Action Plans: Experience Barcelona.
  • Methods and visual evaluation of local action.

The work was coordinated by Dr.. Panagiotis Pangalos, Lecturer at the University of Patras and Athens School of Fine Arts, while each module completed with the presentation of the main findings of the expert in employment, Mr.. Charalambos Grammatikopoulos.