IP 1: Development Consortium. Networking between representatives SEM and other similar organizations at European level

Function, activation and expansion of the network to provide a forum to exchange views, discussion and presentation of good practices among participants.

The organization and operation of the network is based on internationally recognized as good practice, Μεθοδολογία των Learning Neworks. Network members participate in a predetermined cycle 4 workshops with the assistance of permanent experts / facilitators. To enhance the dynamics of the network is determined by the implementation of workshops with the participation of a stable core of members from different countries and organizations that widens at each meeting at least other 15 Participants, based on the theme of the workshop and the implementation of the country. This ensures the existence of "the thread" between the activities of the network that ensures the continuity and efficiency of. In this context, the feedback is placed and the choice of implementation, design and implementation of best practice, not as an individual but as energy fixed point for information and discussion of all the activities of the Network alongside individual thematic.

The network includes a combination of workshops and consultation meetings, while supported with the use of electronic platform and social networking applications (social media).

IP 2: Intergovernmental Organization Workshops (Workshops)

Implementation of a Technical Meeting at the beginning of the project to finalize the framework for implementing best practice and three thematic transnational workshops.

Each of the workshops dealt with a specific theme and its main axis presentation and annotation examples of good practice from Greece and other c / m. Issues relating to the coordination of activities, management of resources for the financing of integration policies, and the evaluation of these are horizontal lines each laboratory.

IP 3: Support and operation of Electronic Interaction Platform

Establishment and operation of bilingual (Greek, English) Electronic interactive communication platform between the network members.

The online platform for interaction-participation among members of the network enables immediate information to stakeholders on issues of immigrant integration, while expected to be a crucial point of information - information for specialists and the general public, through which it is possible to access to best practices from other European countries, the emergence of Greek and European best practices, to post information on issues of integration of immigrants and their documentation. At the same time facilitate the cooperation of members of the Network and sharing content.

IP 4: Selection and Implementation Best Practice between SEM at European level

Implementation of best practice between some or all involved SEM, in cooperation with other similar organizations in the fields of competence at European level.

The best practice is implemented alongside the municipalities of Patra, Saints Anargiron - phpBB and Pavlos Melas with significant presence immigrant population, combined with the integrated intervention in neighborhood planning your SEM Athens and focuses on actions related to children and new mothers.

In this context a number of local actions implemented (indicative: counseling to families, intercultural workshops in kindergartens & schools, information events, workshops between players of different levels of education) forming one of the two themes developing networking.

IP 5: Prepare a summary report Conclusions and Policy Recommendations

Recording and Composition of Concerns, findings and proposals of the operation of the Network, creating and distributing materials for continued dialogue and development initiatives.

The Report does not limit itself to recording existing practices, but raises questions for further reflection, and also makes specific proposals to improve the existing framework for integrating p.t.ch.

IP 6: Monitoring and Evaluation Project

The implementation of appropriate tools and questionnaires for monitoring project, corrective measures in the implementation and evaluation of the usefulness of.

Monitoring completed the evaluation of the action. Divided into Internal, carried out by those directly involved and Outdoor, carried out by an external evaluator. The partnership of the project uses an integrated monitoring system & evaluating projects. The system is designed on the one hand the continuous monitoring of the operation and performance evaluation of all individual involved in it and, secondly, to assess the achievement of objectives.

IP 7: Actions Publicity

The development of an appropriate grid communication and publicity activities to highlight and promote the work of the Network and the dissemination of lessons learned from the operation of.

Included: Release form for the presentation of the project, use web sites and electronic interaction platform for uploading the information and material both in Greek and English, Newsletters version in order to promote the development of the project and the use of social media for continuous update on the operation of the Network.

IP 8: Project Management (Administrative and Financial Management Project)

Effective financial and administrative management of the project, accordance with the Guidance on Implementing the Action, the institutional framework and the instructions of the Contracting Authority.

Includes effective coordination of project teams, so that all necessary administrative actions of the individual phases are carried out successfully in some time and organizational contexts. The administrative and financial management of the Action is at all stages of the (preparation, implementation, stock).