1. Establishment and operation of ITS

Draft internal regulations of the Council for the Integration of Immigrants

Establishment and Operation of Councils Immigrant Integration (SEM)

2. Policies and Statements by SEM

Odygos good practice: The Local Councils Integration of Immigrants in European countries

'Inclusion and citizenship rights and needs second generation

Xenophobia and the role of SEM

Access to labor market

TCN access to services

Making a success of integrating immigrants in the labor market

Draft European modules on migrant integration

Multilevel governance and social cohesion: Bringing back conflict and citizenship practices

Local integration policies for migrants in Europe

Integration of migrants: Contribution of local and regional authorities

How immigrants experience integration in 15 European cities

Social cohesion in diverse communities

Series of publications “Trends in social cohesion”

3. Design and Evaluation of Interventions

Standard Plan for Immigrant Integration Councils

Questionnaire for the functioning of the Councils Immigrant Integration (SEM)

Investing in our communities: Strategies for immigrant integration

Exceptional in Europe? Spain’s experience with immigration and integration

Toolkit: Working on integration at local level

4. Networking and Communication

Final summary report on implementation of Action, 4.1/10, "Creating a network of cooperation at local level between the EU Member States'

Final report Action 4.1/10, “Networking at the Local Level Between European Union Member States”

Final report conclusions Action 4.1/11, Project 4.1b / 11, "Development cooperation network between representatives of Immigrant Integration Councils and similar institutions of local government at the EU level. and representatives of migrant organizations at European level "

Public policy exchange

Local partnership: A successful strategy for social cohesion?

The partnership toolkit: Tools for building and sustaining partnerships

5. Migrants in Greece and the assessment of the first phase of SEM

Report recording the main problems and proposed solutions operation of SEM

Research evaluation of operation and diagnosis of their needs

Social cohesion and development, Issue 1

ENAR Shadow Report: Racism and related discriminatory practices in Greece

Integration of migrants: Perceptions, policies, practices

The contribution of immigrants in the Greek economy: Meta-analysis of empirical findings

Councils Immigrant Integration in political integration of third country nationals

Representing the unrepresented? Operation and representativeness of Migrant Integration Councils in Greece

Councils Immigrant Integration: The one hesitant gait (even) meteor jump;

Councils Immigrant Integration (SEM): Incomplete function of an important institution for the government

Role of Immigrant Integration Councils religions coexist in populations at local level: The example of Islam in Greece

Social cohesion and development, Issue 6

World migration report 2011