The SEM in Greek self-governing system.


The Migrant Integration Council is a consultative body at municipal level. Established in order to provide a representative body at the local level to provide an institutionalized consultative step for both elected representatives and for immigrants. In Greece established under Article 78 N. 3852/2010 "New Architecture of Government Administration and Decentralisation - Programme Kallikratis".

Project boards immigrant integration is to record and investigate problems faced by migrants, residing in the region of the municipality, as to their integration into the local community, contact with government or municipal authority, submit proposals to the city council to develop local actions to promote the smooth integration of immigrants and, generally, solve the problems they face, in particular through the organization of advisory services by the municipal services, and organized in collaboration with the municipality of events to raise awareness and strengthen social cohesion of the local population.

The main goal of SEM is to increase the participation of foreigners in local public life. The SEM participate and enrich decision-making processes of the municipality. They can actively not only immigration issues but broader issues of culture, Sport, Youth support, etc.. Expected to exemplify citizenship social forces that were outside of the decision-making process.

The purpose of SEM is to develop a second class citizenship. Not designed to replace the voting rights or representation on the already institutionalized collective bodies. In addition, such organizations remain active in countries where the political rights granted to immigrants. The SEM can serve as a starting point for the consolidation of local participatory democracy. They offer the possibility of participation of all foreign populations in the municipalities.

The relationship of information to the ITS community is multidimensional and should serve at least seven directions:

The SEM is a tool for participation, the representation and defense of the interests of foreign residents at local level. For this reason requires constant communication with elected local officials and foreign residents. Without the advisory structure consisting SEM dialogue between the City Council and immigrants will be random, informal and unstable.

Aiming at promoting local participatory democracy, Councils Immigrant Integration lawfully required to set up and develop effective functioning and responsibilities. Basic conditions of this process is:

  • The Application of the Law N. 3852/2010 "New Architecture of Government Administration and Decentralisation - Programme Kallikratis" and in particular Article 78.
  • The Adoption of Rules of Operation of the Municipal Council {for configuration can be used as base, the 'Rules of the Establishment and Operation of Councils Immigrant Integration "as formulated by the Scientific Work Group Action 1.4/09: "Support of Operation Councils Immigrant Integration (SEM)»}.
  • The Inventory and mapping of immigrant communities and associations active in the territorial oriatou Municipality, to be invited in the process of setting SEM.


The advisory role of SEM is to provide views, proposals, Recommendations, positions in the City Council on issues related directly and exclusively with the foreign population of the municipality. It is difficult to determine those issues since foreigners may be interested, advise and consult on matters relating to all social life. And while there may be all citizens (native or foreign) Experts in all EU problems, this fact should not prevent them from being able to express their views on matters which concern them, as labor, social, cultural, education etc..

The objectives of the SEM is:

  • to integrate and encourage foreign residents to attend and participate in local public life, and
  • to improve or harmonize relations between foreign residents and indigenous and official organizations of the city

In particular, depending on local needs and local conditions, the effect of SEM is expected to target interventions:

  • facilitate relations between the local authority and foreign residents
  • promote local political commitment to immigrants (eg. the SEM Copenhagen)
  • contributing to combating all forms of racism (eg. the SEM Barcelona)
  • promote and highlight the cultural diversity of the city (eg. the SEM Barcelona)
  • contribute to the protection of rights, education, health, labor, housing and integration of foreign residents
  • promote the employment integration of immigrants
  • promote the use of social services by members of immigrant populations

Axles proposals SEM:

  • recommendations on local integration policy
  • recommendations on the fight against racism and xenophobic
  • recommendations on the issues of the host language and the mother tongue of foreign
  • recommendations on insurance issues and procedures for obtaining kaiananeosi residence permits for migrants
  • demands for pensions to those who were injured in accidents
  • interventions in the local labor market to find work or fight against undeclared work
  • recommendations relating to immigrants prosvasiton care services (nurseries) and medical structures Municipality
  • recommendations for the search and placement of foreigners in formal employment