The project 4.1.b / 2012 'Development Network Cooperation between representatives of ITS and other similar organizations at European level "of Action 4.1/2012 "Creating Networks of Cooperation" part of the Priority 4 "Sharing experiences, good practice and information on integration, between member states' the Annual Programme 2012 European Fund for the Integration of Third Country Nationals. Funded by 95% of Community Resources and 5% National Resources and implemented by partnerships involving the Scientific Society for Social Cohesion and Development, the Educational and Consulting Services Dimension SA. and the Municipal Development Enterprise of Patras (ADEP SA).

Main objective of the project is the creation of the Consortium that seeks information exchange, best practices and experiences. Specifically, The project aims through a series of mutually-reinforcing and mutually-complementary actions: a) highlighting the role played by the SEM, in conjunction with other similar organizations at European level and highlight their role, b) record of innovative policies in linking SEM with local councils migrants at European level, c) dissemination of best practices of these institutions for the effective integration, d) the implementation of best practice between some or all ITS stakeholders in collaboration with other similar organizations in their fields at European level.

The partnership of the project leverages and integrates tools developed in previous projects and networking support for Immigrant Integration Councils of the European Fund for the Integration of Third Country Nationals, in order to create an integrated environment for the exchange of experiences and highlight best practices in the design and implementation of local actions.